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Recycled Awards

Recycled Award Program

Lasting Engraving has created a Recycled Trophy Program to benefit the local special needs community.

recycled awardsEvery award donated is cleaned, sanitized, rebuilt, and repaired by individuals with special needs.  In addition to our own employee’s we have partnered with the Cache Employment and Training Center to make sure the donated awards  are cared for and refurbished by those who need the work experience and opportunity.

Recycled awards are then resold and priced to cover the cost of cleaning, restoring, engraving, and/or reassembling of the award.

What Type of Awards can you donate?

We accept, trophies, plaques, medallions, cups, and ribbons.

We will recycle the parts as best we can.  If the items have significant damage please do not donate them.

Why Donate your awards?

Tucked in the closet or maybe even on the mantle sit’s an award you received.  Good Job.  Now is your chance to make that award mean something even more.  By donating your trophy, you are helping the local special needs community.  Providing work opportunities for someone else, means your accomplishments of the past can make a difference for someone now and in the future.

Re-purposing and recycling is the green way to go.  Not only are you helping your fellow humans, you are also helping the environment.

Where to Send your donated awards?

Drop off or ship your donated trophies to:

Lasting Engraving, LLC.
1795 N 600 W #A
Logan, UT  84321


Why buy a recycled Trophy?

When you buy a trophy through the recycled trophy program you can be sure that the proceeds pay for the labor involved in cleaning, restoring, engraving, or reassembly of the trophy.  Your purchase does more than just buy a trophy, it means an opportunity for someone who needs it.

Usually the cost of a recycled trophy is much less than that of a new trophy.


Can I order a specific trophy in quantity?

We have an inventory of both pre-made and ready to assemble award parts.  Let us know your specific need and we will probably be able to fill your order.

If you order in quantity we will do our best to match figures and colors.  If by chance we don’t have all the parts for the specific trophy you need, we can always sell you a partially used award.

Here is the link to CETC –